How to Create a High Performing Offshore Team

Every organization which seeks to grow multi-dimensionally enlarges its team to perform the additional work. The offshore team is becoming the new language of expansion in every industry. In offshore hiring, we delegate the tasks to professionals located in a different country. The organization holds full operational rights and treats the offshore team as its own.

Generally, organizations commit the mistake of fixing a goal and then rushing into an offshore team creation. Hiring an offshore team requires many details and procedures, such as CV sourcing, skill assessment, processing, onboarding, and training. Due care should be taken while following these processes to create a high-performing offshore team as every activity affects the outcome. We understand the implication of every step and can help in every aspect. We are the experts in recruitment process outsourcing and provide every possible support to streamline your offshore team creation. We stay keen to understand the requirement and devise a process that delivers a highly productive workforce. Let us get into some details.

How to Create an Effective and High Performing Offshore Team?

Creating an offshore team requires more precision and time than the in-house team. Therefore, we take care of the following details while creating the offshore team to deliver quality.

1. Assess your hiring requirement

Wanting a task to be executed is not the same as knowing the requirement. After figuring out the need for having an offshore team, you need to start assessing the provisions of this team which can be the team strength, experience, skillset, total expenditure, and many other things. Make a checklist of all the possible queries and create a team after crossing each one of them. Minimal time investment in requirement assessment will save a lot of effort and money in the long term.

2. Hire the right skillset

Do not compromise with skillset over the budget. An inexperienced professional might charge low, but the cost of hiring them is going to shoot up. In addition, there will be reworks which will lead to further investments and delays. The ultimate price is to be borne by you. So, hire the right talent to make the perfect product. Also, an experienced team member will have the right kind of advice, which will help the production in a productive direction.

Assessment should be a prerequisite to hiring instead of referrals. Assess the employee’s knowledge and find out the willingness to join the team using a set mechanism.

3. Use technology to stay connected

Technology is essential to connect and be transparent. Only it can solve the communication challenges. Many applications such as Microsoft Teams, Slack and Skype have made communication on every level very easy. In addition, several project management tools provide unlimited flexibility to the management to keep a tab on the activities of the offshore team. Trust and on-time delivery are the two benefits that we can get with these communication channels.

4. Goal and culture setup


Once the team is formed, the short-term and long-term goals should be defined. The offshore team should understand the company’s vision and works in symmetry with it. They should consider themselves a part of the team. Walk them through the company’s culture and processes. Define the micro-and macro-level steps that they need to take to accomplish the shortest goal.

5. Regular assessment

Assessments are critical for the success of any project. KPIs should be explicitly defined for every individual. Their progress should be evaluated after every task, and the team progress should be checked weekly. The management should consider all sorts of hurdles faced by the team and resolve them immediately. A single point of contact can stay connected to take feedback on the progress.

6. Focus on the differences

The offshore team may have a different location, time zone, and language. Clearly, every process for the in-house team cannot be implemented on them. The difference in language should be dealt with carefully. Someone from the team should be assigned to ensure that the message from the team is adequately communicated. The difference in the time zone should be dealt with cleverly. The offshore team should be allowed to work in their time shift and allocated to the work that can be done in that time zone. For instance, the organization can be in India, and the offshore team can be in the USA. The reviews and meetings should be done when the working hours of both the countries coincide to avoid any disappointments.

7. Celebrate and appreciate

Appreciation boosts the morale of the employee. The offshore employees need to be reminded that they are doing a great job and they are a part of the company. Develop a strong relationship with them and eliminate any thought that makes them feel inferior to the in-house team. A representative from the management should visit the offshore section annually to ensure that the working environment is healthy. Assign team leaders to make them feel rewarded, along with having a single point of contact. Give bonuses, promotions, and positive feedback whenever necessary.

An offshore team is more than a reality today. It is an economical solution for growth and expansion. A high-performing offshore team will ensure a quality product and on-time delivery, aligning everything to your company goals. Invest in developing the culture of the offshore team and experience the great value it brings to your team.

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