Common Misconceptions About Recruitment Process Outsourcing

It has only been about 15 years that Recruitment Process Outsourcing has come into the picture. Its popularity and industrial adaptations go impressively beyond. Organisations are increasingly looking for solutions against the overwhelming burnout of their in-house team. RPO providers help them improve both their talent acquisition process and strategies. Despite the recruitment challenges and varied expectations, they help them fill job vacancies with the utmost consistency. They are relentlessly making finding candidates easier and more efficient. However, there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding RPO that may prevent shadow organisations’ trust.

In this blog, we will burse the common misconceptions about recruitment process outsourcing.

Not a Recruitment Agency

RPO providers don’t operate like a recruitment agency. They do it better. While a recruitment agency focused on hiring, RPO has a long-term holistic approach. The focus is on improving the entire process of recruitment while also preparing the organisation for future hires. RPO providers work to build employer branding guidelines, stronger partnerships and recruitment strategies. Not only that, they also work closely with the in-house HR team to reorganise their internal system to get the maximum outcomes. In a true sense, RPO providers could be an extension of your internal team. They function in perfect synchronisation with the company culture and objectives.

Never Losing Control Over The Recruitment Process

Organisations in association with an RPO provider can have as much control as they want throughout the hiring process. Notably, this marks a crucial part of the contract and should be discussed priorly. Often, organisations want to s-global-is-helping-uk-accounting-firms/ and technologies available with the RO providers. While they attain that, they can still draw boundaries on how involved they want the RPO team to be. Further, they host regular meetings to keep the organisation in the loop with the process thoroughly and review metrics, reevaluate strategies, etc. Tasks will be put in motion only after the approval of the client. So much so, that the organisations never have to lose control over the activities.

Not out of Reach. Never out of Budget

As a matter of fact, getting an RPO provider onboard could be cost-effective. The in-house talent acquisition and human resource team has a limited candidate pool, traditional recruitment methods and inaccessibility to degradation. On the other hand, RPO providers stay up to date with the industry, technology and measures to attain timely and efficient results. As they are an independent party solely focused on the recruitment segment, they heed educational growth. Building an HR department, investing in advertising, software and technology, availing them space and company resources to draw leads – RPO could save at least half of the money. Significantly, they can save even more by reducing time-to-fill and investment in training resources.

Organisations of all Sizes

One of the most common myths is that RPO is only for organisations with large capacities. However, in actuality, they cater to all levels of organisations in varied industries. As a result, they can customise all needs as per their budget, location and other key factors. Organisations of all sizes, from startups to multinational corporations, can utilise their expertise. Furthermore, it can significantly reduce expenses for small and medium enterprises. They can take advantage of the support and scalability RPO providers offer. Additionally, with a dedicated RPO partner, they can also forecast their future talent needs and act strategically. All the while maintaining the internal budget and workflow.

Beyond Permanent Hires

As the job market evolves, more and more candidates are beginning to assess their needs for the job. A large share of this motivation was a lingering effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the major trends that has revolutionised the workforce is remote working. Organisations are now hiring candidates across regional boundaries to fulfil their requirements with just the right skills. RPO providers, too, cater for a variety of positions and staffing. Organisations can seek their assistance with all types of recruitment needs. From contract workers to remote workers to temporary staffing. From seasonal needs to project-based works. RPO is not only for permanent hires.

Not the Entire Department

With RPO providers, organisations don’t have to outsource their entire talent acquisition and human resource department. While it can be done, it isn’t a necessity. They can help evaluate the current process, identify the needs and map the best course of action to take to assess their clients. Further, they can customise solutions to meet the organisations’ requirements and goals. Their approach goes beyond traditional hiring. Factually, RPO is quite flexible. They can meet the unique needs of the organisation without losing a sweat.

Uncomplicated Contracts

The involvement of long-term and complicated contracts is a myth. Organisations can associate with RPO providers for both their short-term and long-term needs. The process doesn’t get hindered by the duration of the contract. However, as RPO focuses on streamlining the recruitment process within organisations, it will be vital to outline the timeline beforehand. As per the time in hand, RPO providers will work to build the future talent pipeline of the organisation and secure its present and future needs. With that being said, it doesn’t mean that organisations cannot hire RPO providers for their immediate hiring needs.

Here to Stay   

RPO is not just another trend. It has seen tremendous growth and support across industries. As organisations familiarise themselves with it, the segment will witness growth. It is continuously evolving and reshaping to meet the trends and developments of the world. It is the key growth solution for small to large enterprises. Fueled by artificial intelligence and machine learning, the sector is expected to grow with an 18.5% annual growth rate. And with it, so will the businesses associated with it.

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