Ways To Solve This Common Employee Engagement Dilemma

Employee engagement is keen for every organization which needs ongoing improvement. You always strategize to improvise through your recruitment marketing campaigns to blast candidates’ attraction and entice the best talent. 

But then what? Does employee engagement stop mattering once they’ve got their feet under the table? Once the new hire period is gone employee’s status shifts to plodding the old hand. The question remains the same then how to keep the engagement fresh with the existing and hardworking employees who have supported for so many years? Putting more time and effort into the existing employee engagement is always invaluable. As Harvard Business Review’s Erica Keswin explains, “…on-the-job professional development is a nearly perfect solution to many of the problems facing companies today. Why? … your people want it.

Successful employee engagement is built around ensuring your employees understand the Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and how their roles fit in. 

Neelie Verlinden at the AIHR listed the five key elements of an EVP, as distinguished by management consulting giants Gartner, which are –


“Work-life balance”




She went on to describe the stability category, “…as in job security, the opportunity for your staff to advance their careers, improve themselves, and employee training Naturally, this is where your learning and development activities, as well as any mentoring/coaching initiatives you’ve built inside the firm, come into play”.

Why are Learning and Development so Powerful for Employee Engagement?

A good and enhanced employee engagement generates a motivated workforce to work together and learn and develop across all levels. It also ensures they see how their role fits into your OKRs and drives your KPIs. This embeds their sense of belonging even more deeply.

It brings a multitude of benefits with it, like:

  • A More Polished Performance: Employees and the business will thrive when employees are equipped with more hard and soft skills.
  • Improved Retention Rates: Learning and development is your secret weapon for bringing those pesky staff attrition rates right down – even if you’ve experienced rocky patches before!

Boosted Employer Branding: When you earn great employee engagement, you’re on to a winner. They will return your investment in their success through their energy and dedication to their positions, teams, and the entire organization.

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