Eximious operates as cost-effective recruitment company made up of a wide variety of variety of businesses with range of skillsets offering agencies and staffing companies in the UK, US, and globally. We help the companies to improve margins and reduce operating costs as well as the hurdles of hiring right people. Our services along with our reputation for excellence, have cemented our reputation as a dependable, ambition firm. Our motto is to empower our clients by streamlining their processes and building confidence in their approach. We have experienced and skilled people for helping these companies to find the best fit for their team. With a consultative approach, our team collaborates with clients to invigorate the entire organization at different functions-from CV sourcing to full-cycle recruitment, i.e., 360-degree recruitment driving change at the front line and supporting strategic business objectives. We not only transform the business we work with but also maintain a reputation hand in hand.

“I had four non-negotiable conditions: a company that inspires me, a position that challenges me and stretches me into different areas, fellow comrades that encourages and empowers me to do my best and great work environment and team spirit. Eximious fulfills all these points. It’s a company that inspires me. It’s forward-thinking. I like the mindset and culture and being part of a team that gives its best to make the recruitment process more efficient. For me, this is more than a job. I’m investing my time, my knowledge and experience in a company that is investing in me. Eximious has provided me with a platform to learn, evolve, and constantly evaluate my progress. The opportunities presented are great for me in the longer run for my career growth too. They not only enabled me to implement new ideas but also gave me the platform to learn. In the past 04 years, continuous feedback and conversation with my seniors have groomed my skills and have helped me build a vision of what I would like to achieve in the coming few years”
Team Manager
"When I started at Eximious as an Account Executive, I was pleasantly surprised at the support that Eximious delivered in the form of orientation, training and ongoing follow -ups. I really enjoy having a diverse working environment and believe that it leads to a more cohesive team. Eximious keeps interacting with each employee and offer resources to make sure we feel that it will be a successful journey. Over the past 3 years each day presents a new challenge and learning opportunity and all the challenges become opportunities as I work with bunch of talented people with an amazing passion of work. Coming to work every day has been easy and enjoyable, I learned a variety of skills to be successful. As a curious employee, I got the right exposure as I had opportunity to connect with learned colleagues, enthusiastic clients, and great leaders. The Management encourages employee growth and success. I am really excited to see what the future holds for me within Eximious.
Monika Chauhan
Team Manager
I resumed my full-time role after a good span of 03 years, and I am thankful to Hemang to show his faith in me and that is how I landed in Eximious. I have spent about 03 months here and it has been an enriching experience for me. It is an organisation which offers opportunities for everyone to foster and grow both professionally and personally. Eximious is a wonderful place to work, for numerous reasons. The management clearly understands that the greatest asset to a business is their employees’ that deserve to be treated as a team. I got the opportunity to lead the L&D department out here at Eximious, and each day presents a new challenge and learning opportunity. All the challenges become opportunities as I work with a bunch of talented people who have passion to work and an energy that is contagious. It is gratifying when you can help pave a path of new opportunities for fellow comrades by providing learning and development channels and nurture them to be the best they can. Coming to work every day has been easy and enjoyable. Once again, best wishes for the coming year and may we all reach new heights.
Jisha Nair
Sr. Trainer
“It’s been almost five years in Eximious. Started my journey as Recruitment consultant and today working as Assistant operations manager. I had been entrusted with opportunities and responsibilities early on which helped me to accelerate my growth. Very much thankful to my leaders for having faith on me and team members because this achievement would not be possible without their support. Friendly environment and helpful team members make a happy day. Here in eximious, the opportunity to grow personally and professionally like communication, collaboration, teamwork, professionalism etc.”
Lovepreet Singh Cholly
Assistant Operations Manager
“I have been part of the Eximious HR team for over a year, and it has been nothing short of life changing. Eximious instils a family culture that puts their employees first. Since joining, I have been empowered to advance my knowledge and continue to grow in my role. Eximious is a company that operates with a positive attitude and has its primacies right. The relationships and learning that comes with this opportunity keeps me engaged, challenged and proud of the work we do. We have a great working environment, and my colleagues are always willing to assist me to get things done for the team. I appreciate the great teamwork, fun activities and most of all, respect for each other”
Bhavesh Kundal
Manager Support Services
I have recently joined Eximious and working here has been a great pleasure and privilege. I am surrounded with skillful and knowledgeable mentors, who are driven and upbeat. Being a fresher, I was given an extensive training for the industry and on job training. There is a firm identity, a feeling of camaraderie and communication between supervisors and other staffs which involves mutual respect. The sense of belonging to a company that honors and appreciates your talent is truly rewarding.
Chetna Zala
Compliance Officer
“it’s been more than three years working at Eximious and it has been a very enriching experience for me. It is an organization which offers opportunities for everyone to faster grow both professionally and personally. I have not only learned a lot over these years about my own domain, but there has also been a lot of cross functional learning which has helped in an overall growth in my career. Peers at Eximious are extremely encouraging, talented and like one big family who are always around to support at times of need. The organization is very multicultural across all departments we get to interact with colleagues from various cultural background, which is also another facet of working for Eximious. And it’s not all work all the time, Eximious also have a very proactive approach to employee wellbeing and frequently organizes events, sports, overall Eximious has been one of the best places to work.”
Dinesh Deshmukh
IT Manager
Stepping into recruitment after graduating in Zoology isn’t obvious, and after choosing that for myself I was looking for an organization which could provide an open platform to fresh ideas and inspire to take up new challenges every day and I found Eximious. Apart from exploring new pastures and expanding in diverse areas, Eximious also contributed to shaping me into a better version of myself. Knowing that I joined as a fresher, my mentors patiently nurtured my skills. I’m thankful to the entire team of Eximious for ensuring my constant growth and for being the shock absorber throughout my tenure.
Sinny Christian
Talent Acquisition Executive
I felt an amazing work environment. All colleagues are very supportive and helping me out.HR team is also supportive in every process. Positive and energetic Environment around me. As a girl I felt very safe and secure. At the work desk TL is very supportive. I Practiced Mock calls with senior resources and they are very supportive and helpful.
Vaibhavi Dasadiya
Trainee Recruitment Consultant
“I started my career with Eximious, as recruitment consultant and have been growing since then at organization that gives ocean of opportunities to learning and grow. I do not hesitate to express, the inclusive environment and culture we demonstrate is the key to success. Looking back at my tenure with Eximious, realize how I have matured with time and be a seasoned professional. I work with some of the brightest, friendliest, and most hard-working people that push the needle further for organizational success. This is an ideal working environment, as we thrive working as part of a team. I enjoy and look forward to showing up work every day with my amazing Team! Working at Eximious is always a great feeling, experience and full of challenges.”
Sheena Animon
Team Leader
“It’s been 4 years+ working with Eximious I started as a Recruitment Consultant and I am now an Assistant Operations Manager, in that time I have seen this company start from 50 people and reach higher numbers every year. For myself it has indeed a very enriching experience for me. It is an organization which offers opportunities for everyone and grow both professionally and personally. I have not only learned a lot but there has been functional training which has aided in an overall growth in my career. This company did always appreciate the hard work and always listens to the opinions. They foster and grow a sense of achievement and learning in oneself and which is one of the pillar blocks of growth for a person.”
Arpan Sheth