How to Choose the Best RPO Company in the UK

Recruitment process outsourcing or RPO is a procedure in which a company collaborates with a hiring organisation that takes over its recruitment process partly or completely. These RPO companies utilise efficient and streamlined models that specialise in recruitment.

Hence, choosing the right company that suits your demands perfectly, is as important as outsourcing in the first place. Considering the numerous options of RPO companies in the UK, finding your perfect fit can be a bit intimidating. Here are a few tips that would help you in selecting the right RPO provider for your company.

Understanding your Process and Strategies

The process of screening the best RPO company begins with understanding your company’s situation and requirements well. You need to be aware of your company’s current hiring process and its concerns. The approach, if scalability is your company’s area of concern, is different from a recruitment process that banks on saving as much money as possible. Formulating a well-defined strategy that communicates your requirements, goals, and the issues that you are facing is decisive in choosing the best RPO company.

Specialisation in an Industry

If your company is in a specialised industry that demands highly distinct expertise, choose an RPO that is well-versed in your specific industry. For instance, if you are a tech company that requires expert front-end developers, you need to collaborate with an RPO that has specific knowledge in the web development niche. This ensures that the hiring organisation isn’t screening candidates merely based on technical skills mentioned in their CV.

Recruitment Strategies

This is, by far, the most important aspect that you need to take into consideration before finalising any RPO company in the UK. One should try to analyse the strategies and techniques that a hiring organisation adheres to in reaching out to the right talent, and what all processes are involved in the screening of potential candidates. Understand how they hire candidates in high volume, and what all are their areas of focus. Match it with your company’s plan and requirements, and figure out how effective it is.

Communicate your Present Recruitment Process

Discover the pain points in your current recruitment process, and what all improvements do you need from the RPO provider. Define your expectations, mention your budget, outline the job positions, formulate your growth plan, and also include your limitations. The more detailed and transparent the communication is, the more is the chance of finding the right RPO provider for your company.

Match your Demands

It’s not only about recruiting the right talent, but also about recruiting them on time. Choose an RPO provider that matches your demands perfectly, plus, is highly flexible with your changing recruitment demands over time. Figure out their recruitment process, ask specific questions, and understand their plan for meeting your expectations and goals.


To sum up, the search for the right RPO company begins with understanding your recruitment process and requirements first. Then scanning for companies that match all your demands with the right recruitment strategies. If any RPO company checks all the mentioned criteria, you just found the perfect fit.


Why should you outsource recruitment in 2021?

‘Your organisation is only as good as your employees’. And an inefficient recruitment system is a disaster to your company’s prosperity. Consequently, employee turnover will shoot up, and the company would be unable to approach scalability. In recruitment, collaborating with the best in business makes ample sense, especially in 2021 with the pandemic enforcing lightning-fast changes in business situations and their economic conditions. Hence, banking on RPO companies is significant for your company to flourish, detailed benefits are discussed below.

Reduces Employee Turnover Rate

A high employee turnover rate is a significant drain on a company’s resources, and can certainly prove to be a huge calamity for the company’s success. Interestingly, voluntary employee turnover accounts for almost 70% of all staff turnovers. And this high percentage has a lot to do with the ineffective recruitment process. Outsourcing your recruitment process ensures quality hires, and ultimately reduces your staff turnover rate.

Reduces Costs

Companies have witnessed a sharp fall in their overall cost-per-hire rate on partnering with an RPO to outsource their recruitment process. Recruitment is an extensive process and does involve quite a lot of processes. RPO companies shrink costs through specialised, efficient, and streamlined hiring processes. This also enables businesses to retain their quality hires for a longer period, which further brings the recruitment costs down. Research data shows that businesses saved over 20% on recruitment costs when partnered with an RPO company. In addition, companies could also track their recruitment costs better and enhance their overall budget effectively.

Competitive Advantage

Outsourcing your recruitment process in 2021 equips your company with multiple advantages over your competition. It helps companies meet their scalability demands, quickly and productively. RPO companies speed up your hiring process by an incredible margin and give your brand an edge over competitors. Outsourced hiring helps brands deal with high demand when they grow rapidly.

Effective recruitment process

Most of the in-house recruitment processes revolve around traditional methods and approaches, that require bucket loads of time and effort, but still are ineffective in acquiring quality talent. RPO companies work on contemporary and streamlined recruitment models that are highly efficient and give effective results. Plus, with the pandemic imposing multiple constraints on the hiring decisions of businesses, the flexibility that an RPO offers in hiring has become extremely vital.

Leverages Technology

In this pandemic, leveraging modern technology for hiring is extremely crucial. The adaptations in technology that were anticipated to come almost a decade later, have come today. RPO companies utilise the latest and most efficient technologies that permit you to deal with the current Coronavirus norms. Most importantly, these RPOs have become proficient in hiring through virtual modes. Collaborating with such technologies also helps in bringing the time as well as cost down in hiring.


The coronavirus has made businesses either cut down on their recruitment or hire quickly for new positions. RPO companies design their recruitment models in such a way that meets the fluctuating hiring requirements. They offer the much-needed flexibility at this critical time. They provide effective recruitment solutions to both long-term as well as short-term company needs. Plus, these RPOs are quick in adapting to the latest technological advancements in the field of recruitment and shaping their processes with on-demand strategies. Furthermore, RPOs provide immense relief to companies during recession periods, as they can be ‘switched off’ effortlessly when companies decide to decline their recruitment.


Outsourcing the bulk of your hectic recruitment work will allow you to emphasise your core business goals. The RPO providers handle everything from posting jobs, sourcing candidates to formatting and validating CVs, reference chasing, security checks, and scheduling interviews.


Top 5 Reasons to Work with an RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

In today’s competitive business environment, finding the right skilled people is a continuous and challenging task. However, leveraging a Recruitment Process Outsourcing provider enables the businesses to streamline talent acquisition while the company can focus on working on its core business. An RPO provider takes responsibility for recruitment processes, methodologies and reporting and ensures to hire suitable candidates for your business needs. Here are the top five reasons for you to work with an RPO. Take a look:

Increased Hire Quality

Acquiring the best talents for your job opening is a priority for your RPO, as their business itself relies on the success of your business. Besides, their credibility is at a big stake if the RPO fails to provide you with a suitable candidate. Hence, RPO fully understands your business culture and requirements before hiring a candidate to work for your organisation.

Quicker Time to Hire

An RPO service provider typically leverages several tools and methods to find skilled candidates in various specialisations and industries. Your job postings may be all over the internet, but still, there are chances that potential job seekers have not found them yet. RPOs, on the other hand, can quickly locate the list of qualified candidates and follow up with them to fill the empty positions.

RPO Helps Fill Niche-Specific Roles

Finding a niche-specific position is a big issue, especially if you have a newer ​​unique business. However, when you partner with an RPO, they utilise various specialised approaches to find candidates who are suitable for your job and have the required experience in the field.

Reduction in Recruitment Costs

When hiring for a new job position, there are various costs involved, such as recruitment costs and costs associated with the time to fill the vacant positions. People usually don’t consider it, but if your hiring process takes more than 7 days, it can result in a higher loss of productivity and efficiency for the company.

An RPO provider streamlines the recruitment process by utilising its expertise and helps decrease overall recruitment costs as its ultimate goal is to hire candidates that can fit your job positions.

Better Accountability

When you associate with an RPO for recruiting candidates for your organisation, it becomes their responsibility to hire the best talents that can flawlessly fit your needs. They can be held accountable if the candidates they provide to you are not worth your job position. Various RPOs have clauses in their agreements under which if the company isn’t satisfied with the candidate, they will not pay for the RPO service.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to hire the right employees for the right positions to run profitable business operations. An RPO partnership is an excellent way to find the right employees for your job requirements. Just make sure that the RPO you hire has the right set of experience and expertise to provide you with the most talented candidates in the market.


5 Talent Sourcing Techniques For Recruitment Success in 2021

Recruiting candidates involves being open to new trends based on the latest developments in the workforce, innovations, and renewed focus on workplace values. Every recruitment professional proactively searches for candidates that can perfectly fit a particular job profile. However, many professionals make the big mistake of relying only on a single source for candidate acquisition.

It not only makes the process of hiring harder but often makes recruiters miss out on the best candidates. Hence, this blog will provide you with some of the trusted methods and techniques to help you in effective candidate sourcing. Let us begin!

Opt for CV Sourcing and Validation

CV sourcing is an effective method used by recruiters to hire the best potential candidates for a job opening. Once the recruiter has short-listed the best resumes, then comes the process of CV validation.

In this process, the quality of the information provided by the candidate is cross verified and is checked for its authenticity. These pre-employment background checks and screening helps recruiters make informed decisions to select a candidate that can excel at the given job profile.

Optimise your Career Site

In most cases, the first place of interaction between you and the potential candidate is your career site. Therefore, you must optimise your site so that candidates find it appealing and easy to use. The site must enable the candidates to swiftly set up the profile, search for new job openings and apply for them.

The brightest candidates are always eager to apply for different job openings, so your site must suggest similar job profile openings so that they can easily apply for different jobs from the same source.

Embrace Recruitment Automation

Recruitment automation is a management strategy that leverages artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and machine learning to automate recruiting processes. These methods help reduce cost per hire, speed up the recruitment process, boost recruiter productivity, and overall improve the quality of an organisation’s workforce.